Member Benefits

The Philadelphia Association of Golf Course Superintendents [PAGCS] is one of the oldest and most recognized associations of its kind in the nation. Founded in 1925, the PAGCS has a rich history rooted in providing education and advocacy for the golf turf management profession. The PAGCS is an officially recognized, affiliated chapter of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America [GCSAA].

Check out a few of the benefits of a PAGCS membership below.


The PAGCS offers a year-long calendar of events [see sidebar at right] tailored to provide education, networking and camaraderie. Click here to visit the PAGCS Google calendar.

Members also have access to the Members Only section of the website, which includes the complete PAGCS Membership Directory, among other resources available only to our members.  Additionally, our newsletter, The Bonnie Greensward, is nationally recognized as one of the best of the best. Be sure to check it out: click here.


Members have access to the PAGCS Employment page, as well as the benefits of a strong support network of peers in the region.

The newly launched PAGCS Blog also provides a place for members to share news, sell equipment, and seek information.


In addition to GCSAA affiliation, the PAGCS is part of the Allied Associations in the Philadelphia Region. The PAGCS maintains alliance with the Golf Association of Philadelphia [GAP], the Women's Golf Association of Philadelphia [WGAP], the United States Golf Association [USGA], the Philadelphia and Vicinity Club Managers of Association [PVCMA], and the Philadelphia Section of the Professional Golf Association [PGA]. Links to their sites are found at the bottom of every page.

This alliance strengthens the role of the golf turf professional and widens the scope of resources at each members disposal. By adding a PAGCS membership to your resume, you add credibility.