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Urgent: Golf Course Notification

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Golf Course Notification

The golf season of 2018 will be remembered by superintendents across the Mid-Atlantic as one of the wettest and most challenging years in memory. As fall arrives, growing conditions have not improved. While fall is usually a time for turf recovery, this fall is proving the opposite as many turf areas continue to decline. Saturated soil conditions persist, humidity levels are high, and disease pressure remains constant. Many courses throughout the region have experienced record-setting rainfall, as this year rain was measured in inches, not tenths of inches.

Disease outbreaks of dollar spot, gray leaf spot, and brown patch are being widely reported. Because of all the rain and favorable disease conditions, fungicides are less effective, causing many to re-apply more often. Furthermore, saturated soils make it very challenging to get a spray rig on the course or even complete the most basic daily mowing tasks. Saturated soils do not allow proper air- exchange in the soil, creating an anaerobic environment for plant roots. Likewise, these conditions increase turf’s vulnerability to any type of traffic, even regular daily play.

Because of these challenges, many playing surfaces were compromised throughout the year, and in most cases this turf loss is a combination of factors that are beyond the control of course managers. Even where all necessary and feasible adjustments were made to protect the playing surfaces, losing turf during 2018 has simply proven inevitable. And as the year comes to an end, it is possible some areas will need further attention in spring 2019, as the fall “window” for recovery is closing. In fact, in many areas the recovery “window” was never open because of the poor weather.

Superintendents always want to provide playing conditions that are the best for our golfing community. This year was an extreme example of weather dictating certain golf course management practices. Even if the weather cooperates for the rest of fall, it will take time to put courses back together. Please remain patient.

Thank you for your time and consideration regarding this matter.


Chase Rogan, M.S.

Field Staff, Mid-Atlantic Regional Representative GCSAA

Vote For Cesar!

Head on over to the Lebanon booth [number 6069] at the Golf Industry Show next week and vote for Cesar as part of the Dog Days of Golf Calendar contest. If he wins, we win: That’s $3,000 for the PAGCS. Rumor has it, you might even get to pet a live pup and meet a war veteran. Now that’s a win-win.

Cesar is a 5-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog who spends his days at Biderman Golf Club in Wilmington, Delaware. Cesar is enjoying his first year in the turf industry with his owner, intern Dave Ward. Cesar feels right at home especially during the fall and winter seasons! His long coat is not suited for the hot summer days in the Mid-Atlantic. Instead he waits for the crew on the cool cement floors, greeting them with a smile after their hard work and exhausting days. Long before Dave joined the Bidermann team, Cesar loved to chase geese, deer, squirrels, and a variety of waterfowl. Now, Cesar gets to enjoy his passion every day on the golf course.

David Ward is a first year member of the GCSAA and an intern of the Bidermann Golf Club. Under the tutelage of Superintendent Jon Urbanski, Dave has grown in the discipline and knowledge of the turf industry. Dave will be returning in the Fall of 2017 to Rutgers Professional Golf Turf Management Program for his final semester and is looking forward to his future career in the industry.

As part of the Lebaonon/GCSAA sponsored event, the winning dog earns $3,000 for the local chapter [let’s make it the PAGCS!], $500 cash prize for the dog and owner, and $2,000 goes to K9 for Warriors.

(Photo by Charles Lonergan)

PAGCS Seminar Awarded CEU’s; Deadline to Register is Today!

The PAGCS is pleased to announce that this Thursday’s seminar, Golf Course Management Workshop: Blending Recreation, Wildlife, and Waterways, has been awarded .35 CEU’s from GCSAA. This free education opportunity will be held this Thursday, March 31, at Cedarbrook Country Club. Deadline to register is today: click here.

Full Agenda
Golf Course Management Workshop: Blending Recreation, Wildlife, and Waterways
Cedarbrook Country Club
180 Penllyn Pike, Blue Bell, PA 19422
Thursday, March 31th, 2016, 9:30am – 12:30pm

Welcome and Introductions – 9:30
Rob Nolek, Superintendent of Cedarbrook Country Club, Dennis Miranda, Executive Director of Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association (WVWA) and Tara Donadio, Director of Cooperative Sanctuary Programs at Audubon International will welcome participants and provide a brief background on their organizations.

Working Within Your Eco-Region: Using BMPs to Create A Healthy Course Environment – 9:45
Tara Donadio, Audubon International Director of Cooperative Sanctuary Programs
This workshop is designed to prepare participants to ensure clean fresh water supplies, while protecting the habitat integrity of their property. Case studies and group work will illustrate how to handle common problems. The goal of this presentation is to help golf course managers practice the skillful and conscientious act of integrating environmental planning, policies, and practices into day-to-day operations to bring about positive, productive, and healthy golf course management.

Pennsylvania Environmental Council: Golf Best Management Practices Manual – 11:00
Paul Racette, PEC Watersheds Program Manager
PEC created a manual that includes 18 Best Management Practices (BMPs) that can help golf course superintendents and staff improve water quality and manage stormwater and storm events on their property.

Montgomery County Conservation District: Local support programs – 11:20
Krista Scheirer, MCCD Watershed Specialist
The Montgomery County Conservation District offers many helpful resources regarding stormwater projects, education and grants important to golf course management.

Flood Management at Cedarbrook Country Club – 11:40
Rob Nolek, Cedarbrook Country Club Superintendent
Cedarbrook Country Club contains a section of the main stem of the Wissahickon Creek running through it. Due to stormwater issues in our suburban area, Cedarbrook has had to find new ways to manage flooding and erosion problems on their course.
– See more at: http://www.pagcs.org/blog/#sthash.vtUMgJhq.dpuf

GIS This Week: PA Hospitality/Networking

The “big show” is now underway in San Diego.

Among the many events taking place, all PAGCS members and friends should not miss the Pennsylvania Hospitality and Networking Suite. It will be held this Wednesday, February 10, from 7:30-10:30 p.m. at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront, 1 Park Blvd, Indigo Suite A.

This complimentary event is one of the most successful and well received regional events every year at GIS. Be sure to thank our sponsors for their generosity — they make this event possible.

Visit the PAGCS calendar on the website to see this event and other upcoming events for PAGCS members: click here.