PAGCS Partners with First Tee for Graden Day at Walnut Lane

PAGCS Day at Walnut Lane Proves Huge Success
PAGCS Day at Walnut Lane Proves Huge Success

In an effort to help the future of golf, PAGCS members donated their time and resources on Monday, October 3rd, to run the graden on the greens at Walnut Lane GC. Coordinated by Bill Corcoran, PAGCS Board member, the work was initially planned to span two days. Courtesy of the donations of PAGCS members, both in terms of time and product, the project was completed in less than one full day.

Many thanks to everyone who sacrificed members of their staff to make this event a success: Lehigh Country Club, Bala Golf Club and Merion Golf Club. Special kudos to Charlie Koennecker of Finch Services, along with partners John Deere and Wiedenmann USA, for lending enough equipment to get the job done so efficiently. And to Bala and Jay Parisien, CGCS, a special shout out for all the donated seed! Also a huge debt of gratitude goes to Mike Janzer of Plant Food for all the hard work he did to make this event a success. Please visit our Facebook page for more photos of this great day: PAGCS1925



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